We offer a boutique range of 100% hand-crafted items. On this page you will find:

  • Clothing including aprons and pants
  • Accessories including hair ties/bands, bracelets and earrings

Face masks are now on this page.

Clothing & Accessories


Wrap-around cafe aprons: Attractive and practical!

Denim waist-wrap aprons with finished using vibrant Japanese cotton prints. Simple to wear, durable and practical, with two handy pockets at the front. Many people also wear them as wrap-around skirts. Too good to keep in the kitchen! 

The red one pictured here is the part-wrap style with pockets all the way around, divided into four sections.


We also have a full-wrap version so you can wear it like a skirt. This one has a pocket at the front divided into two sections.


Currently these aprons are not available for sale online, but you can visit us at a market to see our current selection or contact us to confirm current fabric availability.

Full aprons: Too good for the kitchen!


You will want to wear these aprons everywhere. Hand sewn like all our products, their base fabric is denim, finished with a variety of hard-wearing Japanese cotton prints. Long straps for easy tying at front or back and pockets for small kitchen essentials. We make to order; please contact us or visit us at a market to confirm current fabric availability.

These aprons have proven very popular among individual customers and groups, including a flower arrangement club (pictured) and of course people who love to be in the kitchen or in charge of the barbecue. The aprons are also featured at the wonderful Under the Pickle Tree cooking school. 


Casual pants: Beautifully wearable!

Not only are the fabric designs stunning, but these pants are really comfortable too! Many designs and sizes available.

You can see our current selection at our market stall. We also design and make to order - contact us for details!  


Hair ties, clips and other small accessories are among our most popular lines at craft markets. We now have a small selection available for purchase right here on this page. 

Chirimen glasses cords

Never forget your glasses again - keep them hanging around your neck! 'Chirimen' brocade fabric in traditional and modern designs. Flexible attachments loops fit all standard glasses frames. Fabric all made in Japan, designed and handcrafted in Australia.

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Cutlery Pouches

Carry your cutlery on picnics, to work or school in this individual compact pouch. Just insert your chopsticks and/or knife and fork, roll up, and secure with the attached elastic cord and button. Super easy, super stylish!


Each item is photographed with a number in the top left. When ordering, select the number matching the style of your choice.

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