All about our face masks

The following information is about Sachi face masks. For more information about mask-wearing in general, scroll to the bottom of this page.



Please note that our masks are not professional/surgical grade. They will not necessarily fit perfectly to every face, but they are designed to fit comfortably on a wide range of faces, and are offered in line with current advice that a handmade mask is better than no mask at all!

The mask fits over ears with soft elastic cord. The advantage of elastic is that it helps shape the mask to your face better than plain fabric ear straps and prevents the slipping which many people find a problem with home-made masks. It is possible to adjust the length of the elastic cord by untying the knots (we use a reef knot) and re-tying them to your desired length.  

If the cord on your mask is of the thick variety, once adjusted, snip off the loose ends close to the knot for a smarter look. Position the knot near the corner of the fabric.

If the cord on your mask is of the thin variety with the knots hidden, you may need to pull the cord around until the knot is visible.

Another way to adjust fit is to bunch the fabric at the sides of the mask closer together.


·       Wash or sanitize your hands carefully before and after handling your mask.

·       Hold the mask by the ear loops on both sides and pull them over your ears.

·       Avoid touching your face or the front of your mask once it’s on.

·       Remove your mask the same way you put it on: by grasping the ear loops, not the mask itself.

·       Used masks should go straight in the wash or in a bag until you get home.

·       Your mask will gradually absorb moisture from your breath. After many hours of wearing it may become damp. If this happens, change to a new mask.


·      The easiest way to wash your mask is just to put it in the washing machine, warm (not hot) wash, gentle cycle recommended.

·      Dry your mask naturally in fresh air.

·       You can iron your mask, but only from the outer side. Avoid placing the iron directly on the face side of the mask.


Our masks are constructed to provide a reasonable balance between filtering, breathability and resistance to moisture. They consist of five layers in total:


For fashion: Japanese 100% cotton prints on the outer side
For moisture resistance: inner layer of plain 80% polyester/cotton
For filtering and wearability: two inner layers of plain muslin
For comfort: layer of plain natural fibre material (linen or bamboo/cotton) on the back (face) side

Some information about face masks in general

Here are some general principles about masks which may be useful for first-time users. Please note that these are just common-sense hints! For expert advice, please refer to the health authorities in your area.

  • Masks don't make you invincible. It's only worth wearing a mask if you do so in combination with other simple hygiene habits, such as social distancing, washing/sanitizing your hands regularly, and avoiding touching your face and other objects as much as possible. 
  • Masks are not comfortable. When you are wearing a mask, you'll feel less natural and more restricted than when you aren't wearing one: that's inevitable. It is best to consider masks an inconvenient necessity.
  • A damp mask is a bad mask. Over time your mask will absorb moisture from your breath and become damp. The idea of a multi-layered mask is to slow down this process. When the mask's outer layer becomes damp at all, it's time to change your mask.
  • Most masks don't fit perfectly. Unless you get a mask made specifically for your face shape, or invest in a high-grade professional mask, it's possible that there will be some problems with fit. Even so, in most cases, some protection is better than none at all!
  • Horses for courses. Related to all the above: if you're wearing a mask just to go shopping or catch the train, a homemade mask should meet your needs. If you're working long hours in confined, high-risk spaces, you really should consider a professional grade mask. If you are in any doubt, it's safest to seek advice from a health professional.
  • Look on the bright side. Just because masks aren't fun doesn't mean they can't be fashionable. Wear a stylish mask that says to people: I'm smiling under here! 

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